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Since the beginning Compass Roofing Systems has been helping homeowners and businesses alike in the Texas, Colorado, & Arizona areas. Our team’s experience spans more than 50 years and three generations. We’re highly experienced and qualified contractors with an impeccable record. Our pride lies within our customers happiness. It’s our goal to ensure top quality to each homeowner and business owner!

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  • From the first time meeting with Compass Restorations (Joe) I knew I was in the right hands! They were extremely punctual and respectful. When it came to doing the work, it was priced competitively and done well! I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting any kind of roofing needs! They are dedicated to putting the best product for their clients! Thanks!
    Joshua Alexander Enriquez
  • My friend recommended Compass when I was searching for a company to do my roof. I'm so glad I called! From the beginning they were so responsive and quick to work with insurance to get us a new roof! They came and finished our roof in one day and it looks amazing! Such a great company everybody that we worked with was so kind and professional! No complaints here! Anthony, Jose and Carlos were all great honest guys!
    Madeline S.
  • Jose was such a great help to get our roof done in a timely manner ! Everybody that I came in contact with was so helpful and professional and always quick to answer my questions. Our roof was done in one day and all of our neighbors commented on how quickly it was done and how good our roof looks ! Would highly recommend this company!
    Madeline Malia Lobo
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Benefits of Hiring us as your Roofer in San Antonio TX

One of the biggest tasks for any property owner is keeping the roof on their home in order. Whether you need maintenance, repair, or an entirely new installation, all roofing jobs require some degree of complexity.

Choosing us as your roofing contractor to work on your home will likely turn out an amazing idea. We have been adequately trained and have the know-how to get your desired result. Here is why you need to hire us as professional roofers for this work:

We are Amongst The Top Roofing Companies in San Antonio Texas and Will Install Your Roof Correctly

It can be assumed that you want a roof installation done correctly. We have years of experience in our respective fields. We can also discuss with you the benefits of using specific materials and what you want in terms of style.

Metal roofing in San Antonio is also more popular than ever. With its extreme durability and endless design options, it can be a great option. With that being said, it's even more critical to hire someone who knows what they're doing. If the job is done correctly, you can have one of these roofs on your home for decades to come!

The same philosophy applies when you need roof repair in San Antonio TX. While a small crack or leak could seem only like a minor setback, it can quickly become a much bigger problem. You run the risk of creating more damage. Our roofers will fix the issue soon, and you will have the peace of mind you deserve knowing it was done correctly.

For roof repair San Antonio Texas, contact us today.

We Use Advanced Safety Measures For Roofing in San Antonio TX

We have been adequately trained in all the essentials of safety before we ever get on your home.

It holds water no matter if you're a business owner who needs a project completed for commercial roofing in San Antonio TX or just a homeowner browsing around looking to hire a reputable company.

We Will Save You Money In The Long Run for Roof Repair in San Antonio Texas

We have been in the roof installation game for a while and know the industry inside and out. We’ve been in touch with our suppliers for many years.

Making the right decision for your roof is vital because it is an investment. You will have to spend some money to have work completed on your home, but you will save a lot more money for years to come when it's done right the first time with us.

Working with Us Will Allow For Hassle-Free Installations

We can complete a roof installation in a reasonable amount of time. Also, we can find the source of a roofing issue quickly and fix the problem before it worsens.
For many, it's important to have an expert by their side for properly doing the roofing job.

You Can Build A Solid Working Relationship

If you plan to stay in your area for a while, we’ll be hoping you’ll use us as roofing contractors in San Antonio TX who can serve you for years to come. Many homeowners would prefer to have the same company working with them on their homes rather than jumping around. This kind of stability allows you to feel more comfortable with your service.

We Put Value Behind Our Work

We are working hard to give our customers 100 percent satisfaction.
We operate with integrity and want to do the best job possible, and your satisfaction is our main priority.