When looking to install a new roof, you want to know how long the process will take. A roof replacement can be inconvenient, so you want to know how long you will stay out of your house. Every roofing project is unique, meaning it’s daunting to tell the exact amount of time it will take to install a new roof.

But we can give little advice:

The Smaller the House, The Quicker It Will Take

If you have a small residential home, it is possible to replace the roof in one day. This, of course, can only happen if the materials are delivered on time and barring weather complications.

When replacing a roof, professional roofers will first tear off the old roof, check whether the underlayment is compromised, and then place the new layer of shingles. If the underlayment is compromised, it calls for extra work, additional materials, and completion time extension.

Therefore, though it’s possible to reroof in a day, some unidentified complications may increase the amount of work.

Classic Roofs Take Longer

Modern roofing styles like colonials, A-frames, Cape Cods, and the steep pitch have a high height, making them more complicated to replace. The higher up and steeper your roof is, the longer it will take to complete the roofing project.

Reputable roofing services prioritize the safety of their workers and also want to give you the best. Therefore, if you intend to install or replace a tall, steep roof, it may take up to a week to complete the project. This is because roofers will have to move slowly, need more materials, and use multiple equipments to improve their safety.

It’s Hard to Predict the Weather

When giving a time estimate, roofers assume the weather will be favorable all through. It is imperative to schedule for your roofing project during the warm, dry season. While roofers could strive to work through harsh weather conditions, they can only do it when their safety is guaranteed. If it’s too treacherous for roofers to remain on top of your roof, they will have to wait until the weather improves.

Though poor weather is likely to extend the project’s duration, the quality of your roof will not be affected. Renowned roofers will ensure that your roof is enclosed in tarps and well protected against water and wind damage while awaiting warmer weather. Therefore, how long it will take to install a new roof depends on a wide range of factors.


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