If you’re a property owner wanting to spruce up their home, you should definitely consider adding a metal roof to your place. If you’ve looked into renovating your roof in the past, you’ve probably heard people wonder aloud if it is possible to install a metal roof over shingles.

The short answer is — yes — you can install metal roofing over shingles! In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and advantages of outfitting your home with metal roofing.

How to Add Metal Roofing to Your Home

Before you place the metal sheeting over your home’s pre-existing shingles, it is important to place a layer of boards between the old shingles and the metal sheeting. This layer of sturdy plywood is referred to as an under layer in the home renovation community

Before you install that plywood over your old shingles, it is important to get approval from your local home inspector. A building inspector will ensure that your existing shingle roof is in good enough shape for renovation and that there are no soft spots, leaks, or depressions in your shingles.

The Benefit of Under Layers

The primary benefit of installing metal roofing over a new under layer is that the under layer works as an additional defense mechanism against rain, wildlife, and snow.

A plywood under layer also adds some rigidity and stability to your roof, giving home owners the sturdiness and dependability they are seeking when it comes to keeping their family safe and sound.

Installing Metal Roofing with Purlins

If you do not want to cover your roof’s pre-existing shingles with a new under layer, it is also possible to put metal roofing over your shingles by using purlins. Purlins are horizontal support beams that can be attached to the shingles. After the purlins have been attached, you simply need to install the metal sheet roofing over the purlins.

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