A Construction Company That Sets Itself Apart

When it comes to roofing, restoration, and remodeling, Compass Restorations has your back. More customers are choosing us because no matter how big or small their projects are, our team goes above and beyond to excel at the job.

Compass Restorations is a family owned, full-service construction company with corporate offices throughout Texas. Our company’s founders have worked in construction for many years, and our team’s experience comprises more than 50 years and two generations. This vast experience culminates in a wealth of knowledge and expertise, consistently successful projects, and satisfied customers.

We specialize in storm restoration, new construction, home remodeling, inspections, and roofing. Our project managers are trained in insurance claims and help you navigate the process quickly and efficiently, as well as supervise the repairs to your home from start to finish. We are proficient in all types of roofing systems used throughout the country and skilled in both residential and commercial construction.

Our Experience

Our project managers are some of the best in the industry with many years of experience in both residential and commercial construction. We have expertise in all types of roofing systems used throughout the country and are thoroughly trained to complete home restoration projects due to fire damage, water damage, and storm damage. New builds and remodeling are also an area of expertise.

Our Work Ethic

The way we approach every job has a big influence on our popularity with clients. Every member of our team takes great pride in anything that is attached to their name. Your property is treated the same way we would treat our own. The entire project is supervised by your project manager from the very beginning until the final walkthrough. The project isn’t complete until you’re happy.

Our Warranty

We are able to warranty our work for 5 years because we do the job the right way. Please contact a Project Manager for our warranty information. Most companies only back up their work for two, or occasionally five years. We meet or exceed industry standards and insist upon consistent, quality work. For example, instead of the standard four nails per shingle, we use six. We have the experience to recognize what tools and procedures make our work last longer.

Our Training

Our project managers continue to add to their extensive training and certifications, including NRCA, HAAG, RCAT, and manufacturers such as CertainTeedTM and Owens CorningTM. Continuing education in the industry ensures that each of our team members is using the best possible systems and materials for every project.

Our History

Our team’s experience spans more than 50 years and three generations. We’re highly experienced and qualified contractors with an impeccable record. We are not one of the “shady” contractors that, unfortunately, are out there, especially after a major weather event. We have corporate offices throughout Texas and we don’t hide that fact. We’re proud of our growth!