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Advantages of Gutter Systems with Compass

Compass Roofing Systems can help with all your gutter needs. Our crew provides high-quality gutter systems that are vital to the safety and value of your home. The replacement of a faulty one is important as well as getting a new roof, so make sure you call us today!

Soil Erosion

Your house needs rain gutters to prevent soil erosion, uneven floors and cracked walls. Basement flooding can occur if you have rotting siding around your home so don’t forget the importance of proper water drainage away from your property! Gutters protect roofs as well as prevent basement floods by preventing soil erosion near homes with foundations that are settling due to lack of support.

Protect Fascia and Soffits

You should make sure your gutters are free of cracks and holes, pitched correctly toward the downspouts. If they’re pulling away from your home, it could mean that there might be clogs or faulty internal hangers inside them. The biggest reason to have a proper and clean gutter system is to prevent overflow onto the soffit and fascia around your house; this can pool water which will cause damage over time if not dealt with right away!


The most straightforward fix on the list is an aluminum downspout extension. Installation takes seconds and it’s cheap, so you won’t have to worry about maintenance fees or any other cost-related issues.

Drain Pipe

The solution does require a bit more work when burying the drain pipe. It is guaranteed to keep water away from your foundation, though it requires making sure that the end of the line ends in a safe location far enough away from your house.

Stealth Flow

Similar to aluminum extensions, StealthFlow easily connects to your downspouts. This solution has been becoming increasingly popular because it’s subtle and easily hidden so that they are designed with the surrounding landscape of your home in mind for a seamless appearance.

Splash Blocks

Make your downspout look good with Decorative options. They ensure that water doesn’t seep into your home and the metal is an aesthetically pleasing route for it.

Clean Gutters Bi-Annualy

In order to keep your home safe from floods, you need to clean out the gutters twice a year. We recommend cleaning them before winter and again in springtime. You should check on the condition of your gutters after any significant storm as well, since trees can fall due to high winds during these times which may cause debris build up that could clog up the flow of water through their channels into downspouts or basins below where they are located.

Clear the roof

Compass’s business is to replace gutters and keep them clean from debris from the roof following a storm or over time. We take gutter care very seriously. In addition to replacing your gutters, also maintain them for you! We are here to help our community learn exactly what to do should they have any questions on how best to take proper gutter safety precautions.

Inspect the gutter for leaks

Compass takes gutter care very seriously. This is why we will, in addition to replacing your gutters, keep them clean for you with our free service of cleaning out debris left after a storm or over time. We are here to help as well as inform our community on how to keep their homes safe by showing precisely what they need to do and stay safe while doing so.


The downspouts are an integral part of the home’s guttering system because they drain water away from a foundation. This is important to avoid compromising your home and hurting its architectural integrity. Inspecting them for problems and repairing all issues you find there. Replace any parts that can’t be fixed would be wise.

Compass Roofing Systems Knows Gutters

Let our team improve the life of your home and add value. When you make an investment in a new gutter system, let us help to ensure that it lasts for years to come by installing these systems on time every time.

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