Can you install a new roof while it’s raining?

While it’s possible to install a new roof in the rain, there are both practical and safety-oriented reasons to avoid doing so.

First, working on a roof in the rain presents a safety hazard. For this reason, most contractors won’t roof in the rain, period. If they were to attempt to work on a slippery, wet roof, they would put themselves and their workmanship at risk.

So even if you find your roof leaking in the middle of a storm, it’s better to take other emergency measures than to attempt a reroofing job there and then — especially since the professionals won’t be able to help you.

Second, roofing in the rain means that parts of your home will inevitably be exposed to water without the protection of a roof, which may lead to water damage that can degrade the integrity of your home’s structure.

Furthermore, roofing in the rain can lead to a loss of integrity in your new roof, since certain layers of the roof are not meant to be exposed to moisture. This will shoot your home maintenance costs through the roof!

Third, if your roof becomes even slightly damp, it will be extremely difficult or impossible for your contractors to shingle the roof. Shingles should only be installed on a completely dry roof.

For this reason, good contractors will quickly cover up any exposed portions of your roof with tarp or other materials in the event of unexpected rainfall. This will speed along the rest of the roofing process once the rain stops and allows work to continue.

It is very important that you hire a certified, licensed roofing contractor with the requisite experience, skill, and judgment to conduct a proper roofing job.

When approaching a roofing project, put quality before price, and you will ensure that your new roof lasts as long as possible.

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