As your home’s first line of defense against extreme weather, your roof deserves your consideration. Homeowners often neglect their roof with the assumption that unless they notice a leak or missing shingles, it is functioning correctly. The truth is, once a noticeable problem arises you may already be facing more significant complications like mold growth, damaged insulation, or structural issues. A bit of proactivity on your part can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. Compass Restorations provides roof inspections by our professional roofing contractors – this is a quick and painless measure that will ensure your roof is doing its job and protecting your investment.

While it is especially important to have your roof inspected for damage after a significant weather event, this shouldn’t be the only time you regard your roof’s integrity. Most homeowners can spot obvious roof problems without climbing on top of the roof, but a comprehensive roof inspection should be completed once a year by a roofing professional. A roof inspection is typically broken down into four areas: structure, materials, interior, and workmanship. Our inspector will look for leaks, unusual wear and tear, damage caused by windblown debris, organic growth issues, and problems that may have occurred during shingle installation or subsequent repairs. You’ll receive a report detailing the condition of your roof including any recommended repairs.

Compass Restorations has many years experience in all types of roofing systems and materials. Contact us to schedule your roof inspection today!