If you own a home, there are probably fewer home improvement projects that yield greater reluctance and trepidation than roof repairs or replacements.

This is because such endeavors are quite costly and take a huge bite out of your disposable income or rainy day fund. Unfortunately, however, an optimally-functioning roof is critical to your home’s structural integrity and your personal well-being.

Luckily, undertakings called roof overs might serve as suitable options. Continue reading for an overview of the roof over process.

Roof Over

A roof over is defined as the placing down of new roofing materials like asphalt shingles over old materials. This process is considered different from and simpler than prototypical roof replacement efforts.

Standard undertakings involve more complex steps such as removing the existing roofing materials, stripping away other pertinent components, and carefully placing down the new products.

Usually, roof overs are less complex and time-consuming than the average roof replacement project because they require less labor and fewer materials.

That said, principle components including the roof deck and flashing must be in optimal condition for such efforts to proceed.

Potential Benefits

Reduced Costs

Though completely necessary and often unavoidable, roof replacements are, arguably, amongst the most expensive home remediation projects you will spend funds on.

Industry professionals opine that roof overs could cost you several hundred dollars less than a standard roof replacement.

Aesthetic Appearance

Materials employed to perform roof overs can offer your roof a new, fresh appearance that enhances the dwelling’s curb appeal.


Roof over materials are usually durable and, if properly installed, can remain intact for many years.

Potential Drawbacks

Increased Heat Exposure

Placing an additional layer of materials atop already existing products could render the structure more susceptible to heat damage when exposed to direct sunlight. Such an occurrence could result in the expedited aging of your roof’s shingles.

Limited Resale Value

Roofs are a critical part of a home’s resale value. Home inspectors do not consider roof overs as full roof replacements. Unfavorable reports from said professionals could appreciably reduce your home’s established market value.

Meeting Local Code Requirements

In certain locations, roof overs violate building code regulations. Ergo, you should consult with your municipality’s codes regulations before proceeding.

Important Considerations

Roof overs can provide you with a suitable, quick fix for aging or slightly damaged roofs if you are operating on a limited budget.

However, roofing professionals strongly urge you to have your roof inspected prior to beginning this undertaking and making sure said action coincides with local building regulations.

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