Shingles are the aesthetically-pleasing roof component you see and often focus your attention upon. However, you probably do not realize that the shingle installation process is complex and your roof must be adequately prepared before the procedure can begin. 

Preparing A Roof For Single Application

Roofing professionals caution you not to attempt any aspect of roof application or preparation unless you possess significant experience performing such work. That said, the shingle preparation process involves steps including:

Examination Of The Roof’s Sheathing 

The first action a professional roofing company will take is the examination of the roof’s boards, sometimes also referred to as sheathing. This structure forms a base for shingles. Damaged or rotten wood should ne repaired, replaced, or secured. Unfastened or deteriorated boards could damage shingles. 

Removal Of Any Old Shingles

If any remnants of the old shingles exist, such materials should be extracted. This is especially true if the items are damaged or rotting. Moreover, any lingering nails or other objects construction objects should be removed. 

Cover Sheathing 

Roofing experts will typically place some type of soft but sturdy covering designed to separate shingles from sheathing. In numerous cases, this covering is comprised of felt because of said material’s capacity to absorb moisture and prevent water damage. 

Place Flashing 

Flashing are pieces of metal that are positioned near roofing components like chimneys, vents, and skylights. This metal pieces are installed to ensure water does not penetrate such locations and enter a structure’s interior. 

Install Drip Edges 

Like flashing, drip edges are metal constructions designed to guide rain water. However, said features are placed at roof’s edge. Ergo, when water trickles down the roof, drip edges direct said substance into gutters. Gutters then channel water to surrounding ground. 

Insert Ice Shields

This safeguard is an additional covering of material designed to provide protection against the accumulation of ice or the damage that might result when said natural phenomenon melts and water trickles down the impacted roof. 

Contacting Us

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