When deciding on roofing for your home for the first time or undergoing a reroofing project, you may stumble across shingles that seem to say they will last for 50 years. These 50-year shingles may seem like a great purchase at the outset, but there are many factors to consider in such a purchase.

When deciding to go with 50-year architectural shingles, it is important to know that you will pay more for these than for 25-year architectural shingles or traditional 3-tab shingles. As a result, it is important to proceed wisely.

When you hear that 50-year shingles are offered, it may elicit excitement as it would seem this offers the same life span as a metal roof. However, simply because the shingles say they are 50-year shingles, this does not necessarily mean they will last for this amount of time.

For asphalt shingles of all types, routine maintenance must be conducted, or wear and tear on your roof will occur at a rapid rate. Debris can get caught on the roof and work its way underneath the shingles, or nails may begin to get pushed up through the shingles which need to be hammered back in place.

When it comes to the 50-year shingle, it is made with greater density, and as a result the material can prove to last for an extended time. Nevertheless, warranties usually only cover manufacturer defects while neglecting the cost of needed repairs due to unforeseen events such as weather damage.

If you are hoping to increase the value of your home and begin to think that choosing 50-year shingles over a cheaper counterpart will up the appraisal value, unfortunately you may be misguided since how long shingles are supposed to last does not make a significant difference in the home’s worth.

You may be hard pressed to find someone who has lived in his current home for as long as 50 years. This may lead you to the conclusion that you will not either. Choosing the right shingle may simply be based on how long you believe you will live at your current home.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but there are differing factors that must be considered such as cost, what the manufacturer’s warranty actually covers, the fact that 50-year shingles will not increase your home’s appraisal value, how long you will be at your home, and more.


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