Your roof needs to be replaced, but you just can’t afford that right now. Is there anything that you can do to help yourself while you try to save up money? Absolutely. Many of these tips help to keep your roof strong while you wait, while others serve as an alternative funding option for total replacement.

Do Spot Repairs Yourself

If you feel comfortable handling roof repairs, you can perform many of the steps yourself. You likely won’t be able to do a complete roof repair, but you can at least handle small things (like leak repair) that will help to keep your roof in good shape while you save up for a new roof installation.

Hire a Repair Team

For more extensive problems, you may want to hire a roof repair crew who can help you. This team will cost more than doing repairs yourself, naturally. But they will cost less than a new roof and will buy you time to save up for a total replacement as soon as possible.

Apply for a Small Loan

Reach out to lenders who provide loans that will cover your repair or replacement costs. Typically, these lenders will ask for higher interest rates, so make sure you understand that you may end up spending more in the long-term than you would if you could pay all at once.

Try to Find a Grant

Check into home repair grant options in your state to see if any apply to you. These grants usually apply to people who cannot afford ordinary roofing, such as those homes with a low income or who cannot work enough to make the cash necessary for repairs. These grants are free and aren’t repaid.

Put It On Your Credit Card

This option is not great because your card may have high interest rates, and you’ll need to set up a repayment plan that will cover all of these costs. However, it may be an excellent last-ditch option if you can’t find any other way to pay for a new roof or repairs to it.

You Can Find a Way

Follow these steps, and you should be able to take care of your roof (even if just temporarily) without paying for a full replacement. Don’t forget that you should be saving up for the total replacement, putting aside what money you can. You may also want to work with a roofer who accepts payment plans.


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