While choosing the color of shingles for your home can be a fun and exciting time, it can also be a difficult choice to make without knowing what to consider. Knowing the most popular shingle could be beneficial, but even that may leave you a little misguided on what is best for you.

In an attempt to be helpful, I would like to expound on the question, “What is the most popular roof shingle color?” A simple google search may provide you with a quick answer to your question. However, it may not necessarily approach the subject in a way that is beneficial for you.

The popularity of shingle colors can vary based on the exterior design or siding of a house and weather conditions in that particular location. Therefore as you approach the topic of the most popular shingle color, different considerations should be made to get your answer.

In deciding on a shingle color for your home, an understanding of complimentary colors can be beneficial. One example of this is to put a light-colored roof on a dark-colored home or a dark-colored roof on a light-colored home.

For instance, a dark brick home is complimented well by contrasting the brick exterior with something such as a pale brown or tan. A light-colored wood home, on the other hand, can often be accented well with dark colors on the roof, such as black, dark grey, or russet brown.

Popular color choices for roofs may also vary from location to location due to dark roofs keeping in heat and light roofs repelling heat. Clearly what is popular for some may not be a good choice for you.

In conclusion, various factors come into play in determining what shingle color is most “popular,” as there are a wide array of exterior home designs and weather conditions that would determine what an individual would desire.


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