Yes, you can put new shingles over the existing ones. However, there are factors to consider when deciding whether to place new shingles over the old ones. It is prudent to note that a re-roof is only possible with asphalt shingles but not slate and wood roofs. Additionally, the old shingles should be in good condition. Otherwise, you will be placing a problem on top of another.


Why a Re-Roof?

Contrary to what numerous people think, a re-roof do not make a roof more waterproof. You might even invite problems by placing a roof over the other. People often put new shingles over the old ones for convenience and cost. The main aim is to avoid the laborious and expensive task of removing the old shingles.

Some preparation work must be done before placing new shingles over the others. The preparation work involves removing ridge caps, vents, and deformed shingles. Additionally, you need to replace the flashings of the old roof.


When Should You Prioritize Tearing Off the Old Roof?

As said earlier, re-roofing has its share of disadvantages. In some circumstances, you should consider removing the old roof before placing a new roof.

Here are the reasons to tear off the old roof.


The Old Roof Leaks

Installing new shingles over a leaking roof equates to applying lipstick to a pig. If the old roof is leaky, there is no other option, rather tear it off. A professional roofer will mend the existing problem and then install a new roof.


The Existing Shingles Are Extremely Damaged

The new shingles should lay flat on the old roof. Ensuring that the shingles fit each other eliminates the possibility of water sipping into layers of the roof, which later results in mold growth. A renowned roofing contractor will inspect the old roof and advise you to place a new roof over or tear it off.


You Already Have Another Roof Beneath the Current One

Most states only allow homeowners to put a maximum of two layers of roofing systems. If you have another roof beneath the existing one, you have no other option rather remove both of them to install new shingles.


The Current Roof Can’t Support New Shingles

You should make sure that the existing roof is capable of supporting a new roof. If the new shingles are more massive than the existing ones, re-roofing might not be a viable option.


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