How Many Layers of Shingles Can You Put on a Roof?

Thrifting supports a homeowner’s need to complete projects to the best of their abilities. Those abilities exist inside the parameters of financial and professional possibilities. Depending on the type of roof material used, the number of layers added to a roof range from two to three times. House roofs should never exceed three layers of […]

What is the best type of shingles for roofing?

The best type of shingles for roofing depends on your roof and the geographic area that you live in. The most popular shingle choices for roofing are asphalt shingles, wood shingles, composite shingles, metal shingles, slate shingles and clay or concrete shingles. Asphalt Shingles Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular shingle choices for […]

Can You Reroof in the Rain?

Can you install a new roof while it’s raining? While it’s possible to install a new roof in the rain, there are both practical and safety-oriented reasons to avoid doing so. First, working on a roof in the rain presents a safety hazard. For this reason, most contractors won’t roof in the rain, period. If […]

Is it OK to put metal roofing over shingles?

If you’re a property owner wanting to spruce up their home, you should definitely consider adding a metal roof to your place. If you’ve looked into renovating your roof in the past, you’ve probably heard people wonder aloud if it is possible to install a metal roof over shingles. The short answer is — yes […]

The Cost of Fixing Flashing on the Roof

Why Flashing Occurs on the Roof There are different kinds of flashing that can occur on the roof. There is continuous, base, counter-flashing, and step flashing. Continuous flashing, also known as apron flashing, is when the long metal piece that pushes the water down the shingles has issues flexing. Base flashing is when a counter-part […]

Know When to Replace Your Home’s Roof

There are certain signs that you may need to replace your roof. Some are very obvious. Holes in the roof, bad leaks and more. It is also very common for problems with a roof to be very subtle. Leaky Roof If you notice mysterious stains from water on the exterior of your home, ceilings or […]

How Do I Choose a Roofer?

As a homeowner, you will probably need to hire a roofer at one point or another. You may want to have your roof inspected and maintained, or you might know that it’s time to have some repairs done. You could even be thinking about replacing your roof entirely. No matter why you might be thinking […]

Does Insurance Pay for a New Roof?

Maintaining a strong, water-tight roof is extremely important. An old or leaky roof insulates poorly and can allow water to damage the interior. Because roof life is measured in decades, we often lose track of how old the roof is until it begins to give problems. That’s when many people start trying to figure out […]